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    Marquise Goodwin has done his fair share of losing in his career as a member of the Bills and 49ers during his time in the NFL, but the WR has suffered much greater losses off the field – losing three children due to pregnancy complications.

    Goodwin and his wife Morgan loss a son last season during the season, news many learned about when a grieving Goodwin took the field against the Giants just 9 hours later and propelled his team to a win with an 83-yard touchdown catch. Goodwin blew a kiss to the sky and dropped to his knees as teammates surrounded him in solidarity.

    Goodwin opened up Wednesday about tragedy striking his family yet again after he and his wife Morgan lost their twin boys in the same manner.

    Marquise got the news of the recent loss while he was in Tampa with his team for their Nov. 25 game against the Buccaneers when Morgan woke up at 3 a.m. with severe contractions and rushed to the hospital.

    “They were so bad my water broke,” Morgan said. While the amniotic sac for one of the babies ruptured, the second one remained intact and she had to undergo surgery, she said.

    “Baby B was still good but Baby A wasn’t,” Morgan said. “We were going to try to do a delayed delivery, but it didn’t even end up working out because they had made a mistake and ruptured my sac during the surgery, which we knew was a possibility.”

    Goodwin understandably took a leave of absence from the team.

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