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    What a clown show this has turned out to be.

    Less than two months after the start of its innagural season, the AAF is shutting down for good.

    There was a lot of talk from the league’s co-founders Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, along with majority owner Thomas Dundon that the AAF would be a developmental league for the NFL.

    Unfortunately that wasn’t case but the details of how they shut the league down is downright ruthless and unfair to the players.

    According to SI’s Robert Klemko:

    But it gets worse, as many AAF players tweeted about how they are left with medical bills and hotel costs that they incurred due to their involvement with the league:

    The good news is, the league has officially allowed their players to sign with NFL teams:

    Viewer reaction:

     Law firm Commercial: If you played in the AAF and were injured, kicked out of your hotel, or incurred medical costs, call us now. 

    If you or someone you love was affected or injured due to the AAF's business practices, you may be entitled to financial compensation

    Top fans agree…we aren’t clicking this…but the headline indicates it is in fact a clown show

    till was more entertaining to watch then the NFL


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