Aaron Rodgers On Anthem Protests: “It Was Never About The Flag or Troops”

Aaron Rodgers gets it.

During an interview with Kevin Clark of The Ringer, Rodgers discussed many things including players decision to kneel during the anthem;  Here’s what he had to say:

“If you’re going to take the focus off of what the protest was really about—it was never about the anthem; it was never about the troops; it was about social equality and racial injustice—then make it all about the anthem. Everybody in the stadium stands and does the exact same thing. You have people in the concession, people in the bathroom; you’ve got cameramen on their knee watching. You can’t have it one way or another.”

Rodgers also said NFL owners shouldn’t be able to create new rules during the offseason, such as the new National Anthem protest guidelines that have since been put on hold, “without ratifying it through the players.”

The Packers begin their 2018 season with their first preseason game against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday.

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Viewer reactions:

Jake McGinnis Dak Prescott said it best, right message, absolutely wrong platform. To bring awareness to a cause, your plan is to disgrace our military? How's that working out for you guys?

Adam James Not one player did one thing to help the (cough) cause that they were protesting this off season. Not one. Not one of these kneeling idiots took THEIR OWN TIME to meet with police or kids in the inner city to explore their concerns. Maybe go meet with the cops who work bad neighborhoods. Maybe go visit these high-crime areas and do outreach to maybe teach personal responsibility. Nope. Didn’t happen. 

This isn’t about change. It’s about protesting and perpetuating the myth of victimhood. If the problem got solved, you can’t be a victim anymore.

Eric Logan I thought alot of you keyboard patriots were going to quit watching football, remember? Remember when you threatened to quit? What are you doing back? The players are allowed to have an opinion.

Robby Kline To all those who complain about “do it on your own time, I don’t want to hear about politics”: While they are on the field and on national TV, that is the chance and opportunity for these players to reach millions. To take an issue crucial to the future of America and show everyone that things aren’t right. They can draw attention to it, because obviously you aren’t getting the message anywhere else!! If you did, then all people would be campaigning for change. Don’t disparage these athletes for attempting to make this country better through the platform they have; they have a chance to reach all of us, and they are taking it. That is a very very good thing.

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