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    When you win games, you tend to be happy. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what happened following the Green Bay Packers’ Week 4 victory over the Bills.

    Aaron Rodgers walked away from Sunday’s game with an impressive 22-0 win, but that didn’t mean he thought everything about the team’s performance was impressive. The QB may have called out the offense, but by looking at those comments, you can say his target was someone much more specific than one whole side of the ball.

    It’s clear that Rodgers still has a rough relationship with his head coach Mike McCarthy after complaining about the gameplan.

    Imagine what he would’ve said if this team lost?

    Rodgers complimented his defense but was furious at the way the game was called, specifically regarding the use of offensive playmakers. Receiver Davante Adams had a huge mismatch this week but only received 14 targets, while tight end Jimmy Graham had just six. His entire point was that these players need the ball in positions where they can make plays, and their numbers need to be called more.

    Instead of saying there were things each and every member of the Packers needed to work on, he threw McCarthy right under the bus.

    The two have been described as “competitive” when it comes to how they talk to and about one another, but this seems excessive. The name of the game is outscoring your opponent, which the Packers did while adding 423 yards of offense.

    Something has to give here as this team hasn’t even faced real adversity just yet. This is something that needs to be solved before a real problem emerges.

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