Bears Signing Zach Miller to One-Year Contract Despite Injury Concerns

Tight end Zach Miller will continue his career this season as a  Chicago Bear. Despite his gruesome injury, Miller will be given the opportunity to play after signing a one-year deal for the veteran minimum if his health allows. 

Miller's injury was extremely severe and there was talk that he would not be able to play this season. He dislocated his knee in October and underwent nine surgeries before January.

Keeping this veteran around for another year is an extremely classy and respectful move from the ​Bears organization. After all, they will be paying a player to be on their roster who may not ever step foot on the field out of the kindness of their heart.

Miller will be earning $458,000 regardless of if he plays and up to $790,000 if he manages to make it on to the field this season. Talk about generosity.

Miller admitted that he wanted to keep his career alive instead of letting an injury end it entirely. 

Although he has an extremely steep hill to climb before he actually could play any minutes, Miller will be given that chance.

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