Bengals Stadium Was So Empty, Fan Could Be Heard Asking Jags Kicker For Hair Care Tips

The Bengals are giving the Dolphins and Redskins a run for their money as currently the saddest franchise in the NFL, and this video epitomizes that.

At one point during Sunday’s Bengals-Jaguars game, it was so empty and quiet in Paul Brown stadium, you could hear a Cincinnati fan ask Jacksonville kicker Josh Lambo for hair care tips.

Viewer reaction

Austin Clem As much as it hurts me, I still ride with my team. Even if we end up going 0-16, I'm still a fan at the end of the day

Naomi Dulmes I went to Cincinnati and was shocked there were no Bengals colors or posters in town or anything to even show a football team was based there. The town doesn't support them at all. So sad to see. Coming from a Packer fan who has been to Green Bay and knows when a town supports it's team.

Matt Schultheis I had free tickets to this game and didn't even go! I would have if they were playing my Bears. Would have been a good game right now since they're both trash

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