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    Sports betters are rejoicing Monday morning after the Supreme court ruled that the federal government’s strike down on sports gambling is unconstitutional, giving states the go-ahead to allow sports betting in the United States.

    BREAKING: Supreme Court strikes down federal anti sports gambling law, gives states go-ahead to allow betting on sports.

    — The Associated Press (@AP) May 14, 2018

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    Kathleen Moore Hold on everybody. 

    It’s still not legal in most of the US. It just gives states the right to legalize it. 

    New Jersey will, and a few other states (I think in the Midwest or Plains) will. But i think most states will keep it illegal.

     Haynk Jean-Baptiste Pete rose to the hall. It has been unconstitutional that baseball kept him out.

    Lexi Winkler Does this mean we’re gonna be getting FanDuel commercials every other commercial again?

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