NFL Memes: Boston Sports 2018 and Tom Brady Memes

Boston Sports 2018  and Tom Brady Memes

Boston Sports Franchises have been so successful:

1. Literally only one football team in NFL was better. Team made Super Bowl.

2. Bruins went to 2nd round after solid season. Marchand is a twit though…so you've got that point, America. 

3. Celts lost two best players and went to game 7 in ECF with young pups. Lost to a guy every one in east and 3 in West have lost to since 2010. 

4. Sox are in 1st and are likely to be one of top 4-8 teams left in October. 

Life as a Boston fan is good if this is a down year…

Boston Sports 2018  and Tom Brady Memes

Boston tonight…

tom brady memes 

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Viewers reacted to Boston Sports 2018  and Tom Brady Memes

Hunter Sagiao Didn’t the Pats “top tier defense” give up over 40 points? If you really think they lost cause Brady dropped that ball, you might know nothing about sports

Tristan Woolacott Marcos Rivera or a 500 yard game & the greatest ever by a QB 
The rookie led hospital team takes “the greatest ever to 7 games” 
Let’s be honest who watches hockey

Caleb Jarvie Dont forget the Boston Uprising went 10-0 in stage 3 then lost the stage 3 playoff championship 0-3 and started stage 4 0-4 and lost to the dallas fuel

Matthew Scarelli Only one of those teams was for the 2018 season (red sox). But yea ill still take 4 different Boston teams make the playoffs in the same season.

Dereck Cataldo Im a boston fan and im pretty secure with whats been accomplished the last couple decades between all four sports. Betcha other franchises would love to be in bostons shoes year in and year out

Jackson Vannoy Boston fought hard against a team that is dysfunctional, yet veteran and has the best player. Tatum, smart, rosier and veteran horford fought the fight. Go Celtics !

Jon Gagnon Whatever at least i got to see EVERY Boston team win it all. How many sports fans can say that? Besides Boston?

Neftali Fernandez Jr People act like Boston making it to game 7 of the eastern conference wasn’t an accomplishment for a young team missing their two best players. Bottom line this lebron lead team with “4 plumbers” swept the #1 team in the eastern conference but took 7 games to beat a Boston squad without their two best players. Believe me, we Boston fans are stoked. Celtics are primed for greatness the next 5-7 years, Patriots will be super bowl favorites yet again and the young talented Red Sox are sitting a top that AL East with the best record in baseball. No Boston fan is mad 

Dee Morris This one spoiled bandwagon ass Boston fan said “If the patriots don’t bring us a championship, either the red sox or Celtics will bring us one home. They always do.”

Shannon Sarno The games so fixed it’s not’s all about ratings and money. They need James in the finals, even tho he’s gonna lose once again. He’s a Jordan wanna be!

Tim Gribun Scharett “NFL Memes posted a meme making fun of a team, they must be butthurt!”

Seriously? You realize the point of a meme page is to make memes that are intended to get a rise? The more outspoken the fan base the more they’ll focus on it, hence why it’s a lot of Cowboys and Patriots memes. Y’all won’t stop getting mad when they make the memes., love Boston Sports 2018  and Tom Brady Memes

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