Broncos Fans Start GoFundMe To Buy Out Paxton Lynch’s Contract So The Team Can Cut Him

After his first preseason game of 2018, it’s safe to say Paxton Lynch is the most irrelevant first round draft pick in recent memory.

Denver traded up to grab the Memphis quarterback in 2017, and has shown zero progression through an entire season of sitting on the sidelines, evident by his dismal performance in the team’s first preseason game of 2018, throwing for 6 of 11 for a whopping 24 yards. The stat line included no touchdowns, one interception (on his very first attempt), and a 22.2 passer rating, averaging an electric 2.2 yards per attempt.

Beyond being booed off the field, Lynch has now succumb to a GoFundMe page created by Broncos fans to buyout the reminder of Lynch’s rookie contract so the team will cut him.

Viewers reactions:

Stephen Misajlovski Maybe broncos fan didn’t see their starting offense go 3 and out twice in a row. Cut keenum

Henry Nokes Y’all worried about Paxton? What about the guy they just paid?! Mr Irrellavant looked like Brett Favre compared to those two.

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