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    There was no illegal use of hands penalty called on the field during Thursday night’s Browns-Jets game, but there probably should have been called in the stands.

    During the Cleveland’s epic win against New York, one Browns fan decided he would end a fight going on near his seat simply by grabbing a Jets fan by his balls and squeezing them.

    Strange tactics, but it worked.

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    That marked one of two times the Browns grabbed the Jets by the nuts that night.

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    Jair Bolsonaro para Presidente We, REAL Football fans, support Presidente Trump and stand for the flag!

    Scott Suttles For all those asking, yes Tyrod gets the win since he was the starter. Maybe that’s why Hue wants to study the game film. Or, he could be trying to pull a “we’re not naming our starter until game time so you have to prepare for both.” Or, he just could be a not very good coach.

    Riley Knysh Technically Baker Mayfield still doesn’t have a win in the NFL. Tyrod Taylor started the game so if I’m not mistaken Tyrod has a season record of 1-1-1 and Baker is still 0-0

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