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    The Browns could easily be on their way to their NFL best third win tonight in Cleveland, but instead they’re looking for their first sitting at 0-2, and it’s all because of one man – Zane Gonzalez.

    The Browns parted ways with their now former kicker Monday after just two weeks and have signed Greg Joseph, an undrafted rookie from FAU, to take this place.

    Joseph hasn’t even played in a game for Cleveland yet but fans at First Energy Stadium went nuts watching him make his warm-up kicks pregame, sarcastically giving him an ovation.

    Viewer reactions:

    Chris Jones They should pick up the home coming queen/field goal kicker that’s still in high school I saw on the news

    Erik von Bauer Browns gonna surprise a lot of people that defense is legit once baker gets in there it’s over

    Justin Broome Can’t wait for this game jets vs browns is the reason I watch football

    Eli Tompkins All those first round draft picks blown on busted QBs, and not one used for a decent kicker. Smh

    Mike Embleton When the Chargers moved I lost me 2nd team and I have now adopted the Browns as my 2nd team.


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