Bud Dupree Roasts Random Steelers Fan Who Called Him Out for Sunday’s Performance

This did not go according to plan for one bummed-out ​Steelers fan.

Tough L on Sunday, letting the Chiefs walk all over you on your home field in the Burgh. Only way it could get worse? If a member of the team went out of his way to personally disrespect you and tweak your manhood.

That’s exactly what happened to Russ Dickson, a man who wondered where the f*ck Bud Dupree was on defense all game. Couldn’t stop Patrick Mahomes. What gives?

Well, Dupree let him know by sliding right into his DMs.​


Sorry I couldn’t tackle, Russ! I was with your girl all game long, making her feel loved. What, in fact, are you going to do?

Honestly no way to come back from that one. Better just go ahead and make Pittsburgh’s record ​1-1-1. Keep the tie, add another win right up top for Dupree and Dupree alone.


​​Well, maybe not. It might be another tie, actually.


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