Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer’s Smoking Hot Wife Shares Topless Photo With Her Sister

Jordan Poyer need a brother-in-law?

Jordan Poyer may not be winning as much on the field as a member of the Buffalo Bills, but he sure is off of it.

The safety’s wife turns out to be more famous than he is, infamous self-proclaimed ‘Instagram model’ Rachel Bush.

Let’s just say she likely has so many followers because of some certain assets.


Smile you give when you’re truly unbothered ft my other half per usual @jordanbush

Viewers reacted:

Sean Dufford Love these 100% natural instagram models 

Jake Giroux I follow her on Instagram. Rachel Bush is her name if anybody is wondering. Her and her husband have a kid now. Guess its time to put those boners away lol

Yannick Kenroy Agasi-Leeflang Yep, 100% Pure love between her and Jordan! Probably has nothing to do with $$$, why would anyone even doubt about that?

Adrian Espinoza This lady sure loves attention. But damn big props to Jordan Poyer! Dude is winning of the field for sure.

Cody Perry Need a brother in law? What kinda double dip creeper is this guy?

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