Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Had Hilarious Reaction To Broncos Fans Flipping Him Off

Following the Chiefs go-ahead touchdown vs Broncos on Monday Night Football, a couple of the Chiefs players including TE Travis Kelce decided to rub it into the face of Broncos fans.

And of course, Broncos fans did what they only could do and gave the Chiefs players the middle finger.

But the reaction of Kelce is what caught everyone’s eye:

Travis Kelce is one of a kind.

Viewer reactions:

Cody Cox I’ve been to a game in Denver, not the classiest of fans. New Orleans and Green Bay have some of the best.

Madison Morales I really thought it was funny. Like, that’s a grown man, flipping off someone who is making millions, all because his team lost.

Ryan Lancaster In their defense, Travis Kelce has a very punch-able face, so kudos to them for just flipping him off

Brian Franciosi Ban clown ass fans like that from every single stadium. Can’t handle yourself in the front row? Back home to be yelled at by the wife then.

Derrick Bowman LMAO next time I get flipped off I’m taking a page out of Kelces book. I just won’t take one out of Hills book if my gf burns dinner.

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