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    Clay Matthews was on the wrong end of another egregiously called roughing the passer penalty Sunday while playing against the Redskins and did not hold back when asked about it post game.

    “I think they’re getting soft” Matthews said when inferring the NFL’s penalties are coming at the hand of guys “playing hard.”

    The NFL doubled down on the penalty assed to Matthews Week 2, it will be interesting see if that’s the case on this occasion.

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    Daniel Goldstrand Remember when Aaron Rodgers got sacked and his collar bone got broken when the tackler fell on him and all the Cheeseheads, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers were disgusted quarterbacks could be tackled that way so the owners panicked and made the new rule that defenders couldn’t fall on the quarterback? How’s it feel to suffer for the stupid rule you created?

    Blake Baron I don’t remember that. If you could produce a single shred of evidence that Rodgers called for additional passer protection rules after that hit, though, I’d be interested to read them. But you can’t, because he didn’t. You’re thinking of Cam Newton.

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