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    The NFL instituted a new rule this offseason that allows officials to penalize and eject players if them deem a player to have used the crown of his helmet to hit another player’s head.

    Colt’s LB Shamarko Thomas was the first to learn about the extent of the rule the hard way, getting ejected from the first preseason game due to a hit on Seahawks WR David Moore.

    The play resulted in the ejection and a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty assessed to the Indianapolis.

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    Keaton Letterle Im all for football being football amd not having all these new bs rules, but from what I see he deserved it. At first I figured he was just preparing himself to go low and make a tackle on the receiver after he catches it, but he drops his head well after he sees the receiver drop it and there was no attempt at preparing to wrap his arms around the receiver(even though most NFL defenders dont wrap up or make fundamental tackles at all), looks to me like he blatantly dropped his head and aimed at the receover's head. So yea I say that is justified.

    Johnnie Long One if he did that his job either caught the damn ball and it would have been a good hit second of all how many times have you practiced

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