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    In a stinker of a Jaguars-Colts game Sunday, the Colts were robbed of one last opportunity to score thanks to the incompetence of the officials.

    With seconds left, Andrew Luck fired a pass near the sideline, allowing his receiver to get out of bounds and stop the clock for one final play. That receiver did get out of bounds, but was somehow ruled in by a line judge standing feet from where the play ended.

    With just two seconds on the clock, time expired before the refs could even set the football, and the game ended.

    With the loss, Indianapolis lost their first game in seven weeks to a Jaguars team starting their backup quarterback.

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    Viewer reactions:

    Alex McVey Because he bounced backwards meaning that his forward progress was stopped in bounds and the call is absolutely correct?

    Michael Chavez only 6 points scored that game? sounds like the people watching got screwed too.

    Keith Curtis Or y’all could learn the rule?

    You have to maintain forward progress going out of bounds or the clock continues to run

    Michelle Normandeau Colts screwed? Shut the fuck up? Did y’all see all the holding that the colts were doing that didn’t get called. Get over it.

    Alexander Butt You can't get screwed when you've scored 0 points and have a chance to win. If they had another 3 seconds they still would of ended up with zero points.

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