Cowboys Fight After Lineman Shoves Another Lineman In The Face

One of the most entertaining things to come out of the otherwise headline-less weeks of NFL training camp are the fights, and this year so far, they’ve all been courtesy of the Cowboys.

Dallas was executing one-on-one drills, practicing goal-line plays Saturday when reserve defensive lineman Antwaun Woods threw a punch at the face of All-Pro center Travis Frederick.

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Justin Freeman and so did every other team every single season during training camp. smh come on guys you can do better

Ken Bloedorn Anyone else want to see how that first game with Jerry's decree about the anthem plays out?

D.j. Rinaldi Good maybe they’ll have some attitudes this year and not play like little bitches!

Shawn Mize I’ve heard people say when the team is onery at practice..,it’s a good sign

Andrew Ellis Probably just a cover so they can climb all over each other all hot and sweaty.

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