Cowboys Show Dak Prescott Film Of Carson Wentz To Teach Him How To Be A Better QB

Dak Prescott is coming into a year where he’s set to show fans that his second year was a sophomore slump and just that.

Prscott, who burst onto the scene in 2016 the wake of Tony Romo’s injury, stunned the league in his rookie season with veteran-like numbers and composure, but regressed the following year.

In hopes of getting their QB back to form, the Cowboys are showing game film of Carson Wentz to Prescott, hoping he can learn from the MVP runner-up.

Viewers reactions:

Forrest S. Shields Dak is more accurate than Carson Wentz, has a better TD-INT ratio, a better passer rating, a better win loss ratio and still has both knees. Should probably be the other way around.

Don Bruni Cowboys fans and other haters:
"Eagles haven't played anyone" WRONG
"Eagles will be out first round of post season" WRONG
"Eagles are gonna get smoked by the Vikings"WRONG
"Eagles Can't stop Brady" WRONG

"Uhhh well…they won't win another super bowl ever again"—- YOU STUPID CLOWNS SOUND DEFEATED, be ready World! Eagles going back to back 

Larry Mullin Honestly this is not a bad idea. Dak isn't a horrible QB, he just has things he needs to work on like the rest of us. Wentz is a technically sound QB and I can understand them using footage of him as teaching tools. May I suggest also using Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. I'm a Bears fan, but if Trubisky was watching Rodgers' footage to help him I wouldn't blame the guy.

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