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    Cris Carter didn’t drop many things during his football career, but he’s dropping one thing too many in his career as an analyst.

    The former ESPN turned Fox Sports analyst was a guest on FS1’s “The Herd” Monday when he let an F-bomb slip on live television during a segment.

    “They said, ‘You know, we’re used to doing things this way, this way, and this way.’ And he said, ‘Good. You’ve lost every f—- way doing that. Now we’re going to do things my way,” Carter said.

    There’s no fall guy for this one.

    Dads are awesome:


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    Viewers reacted:

    Adam Rose Love when sportscasters curse and everyone looks at them like 5 yr olds thinking "uh oh hes in trouble"

    Cory Kamerschak He spent 3 of his 16 seasons in Philadelphia and they reference him as “former Eagles receiver” lol. Not incorrect but it’s like saying former Chiefs quarterback, Joe Montana….haha

    Bart Smith There are many things that shock and outrage in 2018 America, this is not one of them anymore, synonyms for rape just don’t work like they used to

    Tyrone Davis Hilarious that most of the corporate morons that sensor "curse words" aren't even religious. 

    Money-hungry douchenuggets.

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