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    Dak Prescott gave his opinion on anthem protests to the media at Cowboys training camp last week, backing Jerry Jones in saying that the National Anthem isn’t the time and place to protest.

     Down Syndrome Awareness


    The quarterback’s comments led to this mural being painted, depicting Prescott as the Chris Washington, the main character of the hit thriller ‘Get Out’, entering the sunken place, essentially a state of mind and body involuntarily controlled by another of a higher power, in this case, Jerry Jones.

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    Scott E Gallet What's up with free choice??? Players and people mad because they aren't taking a knee? It's a decision they have chosen…Get over It! Pick and choose your battles wisely

    Margaret Hoerner So someone who worked hard their entire life and wants to play ball without having politics interfere gets treating like this? No . Go dak play ball

    Colin Garcia Gonna rip on him for speaking his mind? Like kaepernick did? Just let everyone have their opinion. I support both of them for speaking their mind

    Minhaj Cader He saying all the right things cause he still under his rookie contract man trying to get paid but dalls gonna cut him soon as he bums it up lol

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