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    Nobody quite warrants boos as much as Tom Brady does in the sporting world.

    Realizing this, the Denver Nuggets devised a strategy to put the Patriots quarterback on their jumbotron during opponents free throw attempts so get fans to boo.

    Viewers reacted:

    Cynthia Cournoyer Daegele Why is everyone who isn’t a fan of New England Patriots quit talking about them already? Damn. The fans don’t talk about them or Brady this much. . You guys are pathetic.

    Craig Paulsson It gives Denver fans a chance to see a QB that’s made the postseason the last two years.

    Marianne Hurley If they’ve been doing this for years the other teams are obviously well aware of it so the players must get a kick out of it too and know they aren’t being booed. So knowing they aren’t being booed is actually a benefit. Really dumb move by the nuggets to keep doing it.

    Bob Jennings It’s crazy. I live in Colorado. You’d think Denver fans would be more savvy but they’re idiots. I tell them that Pats never think of the Broncos.

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