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  • In the wake of Kareem Hunt's release from the Kansas City Chiefs, many are wondering whether or not he will ever play in the NFL again, and if he does where it will be.

    With the Philadelphia Eagles having a clear need at the running back position, many ​NFL fans have called for the defending champs to make an effort at signing the new free agent, but head coach Doug Pederson appears to have ruled that out.​

    ​​It is refreshing to see an organization act properly in the wake of an incident like this, especially with ​what has been going on recently with Reuben Foster. Unlike the Eagles, their NFC East counterpart Washington Redskins signed Foster after being released by the 49ers in the wake of a domestic violence charge.

    ​​The NFL has had far from a strict policy regarding domestic violence, as seen with Ezekiel Elliott, Foster, Tremaine Brock, and countless others, but it is encouraging to see that the tide is turning.


    Regardless of how fantastic Hunt is a running back, his actions are unacceptable and he should be punished accordingly. The Eagles not signing the free agent is just one small step in the right direction.

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