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    Drew Brees broke the NFL’s all-time record for most passing yards Monday in a lopsided win over the Washington Redskins.

    If that wasn’t impressive enough, Brees finished the game with as many touchdown passes (3) as he had incompletions (3). The performance is the fourth time he’s accomplished that feat in his 18-year career.

    All in all, Brees finished the 43-19 win 26/29 for 363 yards with no interceptions, the last remaining starting QB in the NFL with no picks this season.

    Side note: Brees did it against a top-5 ranked defense.

    Viewer reactions:

    Brian Waters This game was rigged from start to finish . The NFL needed another”FEEL GOOD” story tonight. All the calls went their way as well. Unfortunately the Redskins were just the beneficiary of the NFLs bullshit once again

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