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    When you're a true-blue fan of your team, you carry that energy with you wherever you go. You bleed those colors. You're voice is constantly hoarse from screaming your face off during the previous weekend's game. And if you've ever met a Philly sports fan, take all that and multiply it by 50.

    Or 52, as the case may be. Check out this certifiably outrageous ​Eagles diehard, who commemorated his team's Super Bowl LII victory with this unspeakable number:


    We need to talk about this. First of all, being committed to your favorite team is well and good. This man isn't hurting anybody. He can do what he wants. But… ​AFC 33, NFC 41? At this point, it's the only thing I can see.


    AFC 33, NFC 41. Forget that he lists the Patriots' score first, but come on, this wasn't the Pro Bowl, dude. "​EAGLES" isn't that many letters. "PATS" is only one more character than "AFC." This is all just confusing. I have more questions that I even had before.

    And now my head hurts– and it didn't even get repeatedly jabbed with an inky needle.

    ​​You said it, Michael.

    I just don't understand you, Philly. And I never will.

    Seriously, what is this guy gonna do when Manny Machado signs?

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