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  • Eagles Fans Booed The Hell Out Of Cris Collinsworth As He Took The Field Pregame

    From players, to Santa, to broadcasters, Eagles fans will boo absolutely everyone.

    The Philly faithful was there before game time Thursday night to make sure Cris Collinsworth couldn’t take the field without the warmest of welcomes from the city of brotherly love, a rein of boos.

    Collinsworth infamously seemed to be rooting against the Eagles during Super Bowl 52.


    Viewer reactions:


    GOOD! Collinsworth is a Dallas-loving..Patriot wagering blowhard that made me mute the SB broadcast.

    He & Al Michaels are both past it.
    When Brady retires after this season..he should take these two with him


    What does Collinsworth have on the NBC executives that he's kept this gig for so long?

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