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  • Eagles vs. Saints Week 11 Highlights – NFL 2018

    The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.

    Behind 546 yards of total offense, the New Orleans Saints scored at least 45 points in their third straight game with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    Victor Ouchana Jessica Rivera in case you didn’t get to see the whole game…. or your eyes were closed from sneezing allergies …. or you left the room for the whole game as I would….. or if you were swearing at random objects …. I wanted to share the game with you since I know how big of a fan you are of the team that GOT THEY ASSSSSS WHOOOOOOOPED LOL. Jason Rivera make sure she doesn’t kill me

    Renji Abarai Im still stickin to pats vs saints superbowl 53. Drew gets ring #2, and tom deflated goes 5-4. Retiring after back to back L’s in the superbowl.

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