The  Eagles are working to retain CB Patrick Robinson

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to re-sign impending free agent cornerback Patrick Robinson today, according to NFL insider Ian Rapoport.

Vewers reacted:

Jordan Gilbert Definitely deserves it. They gotta figure out how to retain Bradham too.

Yeah I know they play diff positions but Mills would play inside if Robinson was gone leaving outside for Jones/Darby

Mills is better than Darby lol Mills goes up against 1s and holds his own. Darby makes up for bad plays with his speed

Paul Raymond – MSR
‏Yea Howie is def not a cap master if he was they wouldn't be in that spot.  He IS a trade master tho, one of the best in the league at that

A cap master doesn't need to figure shit out after the fact he's got that road map worked out.  Will be interesting to see how it all works out in 2 years when Carson is off the cheap rookie deal and jumps to about a 30 mil a year player

They’ve been working on a deal for weeks. There is no point of the tweet unless he knows it’s close to getting done, which I’m not sure he does.

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