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  • The rift between Earl Thomas and the Seattle Seahawks has reached it’s peak.

    The safety was carted off during Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals after suffering a fractured lower leg.

    While making his way back to the locker room, Thomas gave the middle finger in the direction of the Seahawks sideline.

    Here was the play Thomas originally got injured on.

    The gesture comes as a likely vengeance towards the Seahawks for not giving one of the last remaining members of the once infamous ‘Legion of Boom’ a long-term contract. Thomas held out of training camp after the Seahawks “would not invest in him,” but returned to the team once the regular season started.

    It was reported that Thomas is reluctant to play much less even practice with the team our of spite and fear of injury before he can obtain that long-term contract elsewhere if not in Seattle, and those odds fell by the wayside with Thomas’ injury.

    Both the Steelers and Cowboys were reportedly in trade talks with the Seahawks for Thomas, but depending on how serious the injury is, it’s up in the air if those talks will continue.

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