ESPN Announcer Booger McFarland’s Hands Are Almost Impressively Beaten Up

​Booger McFarland, stuck in the sideline chair while Jason Witten robots it up in the booth, has been an unsung star of the ​Monday Night Football ​spectacular in its early weeks.

Perhaps more impressive? Just how much of a beating his hands took during his football career.

McFarland paved the way for a ring for Peyton Manning, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?

​​McFarland’s a hilarious beast who’s clearly willing to give everything to the cause, and this doesn’t shock us at all.

After all, he goes all out each and every time he’s called on, interrupting Jason Witten with aplomb and delivering far better insight.

We’d advocate for a switch to the booth, but…his weird chair is too much fun, honestly. Keep the man on the sidelines and let him gesticulate!

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