Football Referee Memes 2018

Football Referee Memes

football referee meme


Man Ed Hochuli is finally retiring from the NFL. Holy smokes that guy is ripped. He's 67 and chiseled like a body builder in Venice Beach. Heck those guns should be illegal. Forget the AR-15, Ed is walking around with assault rifles attached to his body. I'm telling you man, it's a health hazard!

Man Ed Hochuli memes Man Ed Hochuli

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Doug Hopkins Should be Walt Coleman he was the one that called the fumble on the field and then called the "Tuck Rule" a few minutes later. Clearly the ball was in a non throwing position before Woodsons hand forces the FUMBLE.

Brendan Gervais Memes are so lame haha cmon find something new instead of posting same thing thousand times  so any team who gets a play in their favor I’ll rember to tag ya so you can share ya fool

Willie Caulder Or the actual reason he's being fired/ "retiring" is the cowboys just like the head of referees "resigned" last year and the Jerry punishment… but the NFL isn't going to tell you refs were taking checks from Jerry

Rich Spada What’s higher? Hoculi’s number or the number of times you will post this same joke?

Dan Nicely He’ll probably go back to being a full time lawyer again. 

Let’s just hope he can get those guns past courthouse security.

Steve Gamache Really think nfl memes is all over the patriots. Memes should be lookin at the seahawks look back in couple of there games

Dan Nicely It’s like that episode of the Brady bunch where Alice was raped and found dead in a dumpster.

Joseph J Gonzales There building a statue of him in front of Gillette stadium.

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