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    Funny NFL Memes 2018

    It was a tough week for Bay Area football fans as both the 49ers and the Oakland Raiders went down to defeat.

    NFL fans outside of Texas might have got done watching Sunday Night Football and thought they watched two average football teams nearly battle to a draw.

     Fun fact … every interception Prescott has thrown this year has hit his receivers hands first .

    He literally just threw a td. And he’s kind of black.

    Funny NFL Memes 2018

    Brady was definitely not impressed

    Brady would never say this. This is fake Brady. I’m a Patriots Fan and He would never ever say this. Brady is classy.

    Goodnight everyone, Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady and there’s only 2 genders

    If you’re a fan of the Cowboys, Bills, Steelers, Texans, Colts, Raiders, Broncos, Giants, Eagles, Vikings, Lions, Packers, Buccaneers, Falcons, Seahawks, Cardinals or 49ers, congratulations. Your team is as bad as or worse than the Cleveland Browns.

    Quick recap of Texans-Cowboys…

    If the cowboys suck

    The guy pictured here is Conor McGregor.

    Makes sense…

    Giants fans memes

    How tf is this a 1st down??? They didn’t even try to pull the chains out. These refs won this game for Carolina.


    This guy beat Brady twice in the Super Bowl

    How to celebrate Tom Brady’s 500th TD Pass

    The Cowboys still suck

    Hold that L Raider Nation

    Need Tony Dungy to coach them for a while before Gruden can do anything with them.

    The Browns toughness continues to show up. This season they are winning games(and tying) because of it. This team is a real threat to the Steelers. No doubt about it.

    Who cares. MACK has 4 forced fumbles and a pick 6 and 5 sacks in 4 games

    Oh shiii, someone hide that mf moth.

    Viewer reactions:

    Will Tate Goodnight everyone, Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady and there’s only 2 genders

    Danny Fernald We may all suck but we all have the most superbowl wins outta all divisions

    Nate Brewm

    1. All 4 teams are in the top 8 most valuable NFL teams.
    2. Each team has won at least 4 NFL Championships.
    3. Only division with all 4 teams winning at least 1 Superbowl.
    4. Of the 52 Superbowls, an NFC East team has been in 21 of them (that’s 40%!) ….and won 13 of them (25%).
    5. The NFC East won 4 Superbowls in a row from ’91-’94 and won 7 out of 10 Superbowls from ’87-’96!

    Rob LaBrosse At least there’s some excitement on who can win it… unlike the AFC East!

    John Girjatowicz I’m an eagles fan and I agree. The nfc east is a hot mess right now. Eagles and redskins need to start playing more up to speed with their potential. Thank god it’s still early but it’s getting out of control fast

    Jon Kromer Atleast the cowboys have an excuse. They need to can jason garrett. Our Eagles have no excuse. They arent playing with the passion and heart they did last year. Wake up Birds!

    Ben Maser As an eagles fan, the nfc east is not always the best but for sure always the most unpredictable division in football.

    Mike Arricale I hate the cowboys as much as anyone but if he had a better coach and a better gm to put a team that isn’t just Elliot around him he would be much better. The cowboys think it’s still 1970 where you can run the ball 45 times a game and control the clock. Their offense is so plain and easy to figure out. Look what a great coach like mcvay did for Goff when everyone said Goff couldn’t play, love Funny NFL Memes 2018

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