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    The NFL mock drafts had another presumptive piece fall into place Thursday morning when the New York Giants traded long-time defensive end Jason Pierre Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite signing him to a long-term deal last offseason.

    Tampa Bay is sending a third-round pick (No. 69 overall) as well as a swap of the teams fourth-round picks in return.

    The move opens up a spot for the Giants to the best defensive prospect in the draft, Bradley Chubb with the No. 2 overall pick.

    This is a wild trade because the Giants JUST signed JPP to a long-term deal, inking the defensive end last offseason to a big contract. Dave Gettleman is pulling no punches with this roster, though, and appears ready to rebuild as necessary and in all aspects.

    Jets fans should also feel good about the pick, meaning if the Browns take Saquon Barkley with the first overall pick, the Jets should have first pickings of the QBs in the draft. If Cleveland takes Sam Darnold or another quarterback, Barkley will likely still be on the board at three.

    Viewers reacted:

    Alan Brunet Now if he can blow off one of them legs below the knee, he can get outfitted with a peg leg and really complete the look.

    Kyle Morgan If the giants draft a DE at 2 it would be a waste of their pick id rather get Nelson from ND if barkley goes 1 to the browns giants need either to go offensive line if the best guy gets taken

    Sean Hurt Probably listed him like Craigslist:
    Runs good, missing a few fingers. I was going to fix him up but ran out of time (new dad). No low balls, but willing to deal. I’ll even throw in some extra fingers.

    Blaize Sams I have to HAND it to you JPP, you were able to keep your career going despite everything that happened, Congrats!

    Mike McWain Funny meme but if your gonna post it than maybe have someone go over the wording and punctuation first.

    Joel Adam If Aaron Hernandez was still hanging around I think he would kill to be on the Bucs. But no…He dead

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