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    Dak Prescott had gotten two dangerous dog warnings in the past but this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    The Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s two pit bulls broke out of Prescott’s Frisco, Texas home on February 25th and chewed through a fence into the neighbor’s yard. One of the dogs then attacked the neighbor’s dog and when the owner tried to break it up, the dog attacked her too.

    TMZ has obtained pictures of the injuries that include a mangled hand complete with a half torn off finger.

    Here’s the 911 call from the victim:

    The 50-year-old was hospitalized for four days after the attack, needing IV treatment for 2 weeks.

    Dak’s dog was placed in quarantine after the incident and was set to face a “dangerous dog” hearing this month, where possible punishment included the death penalty.

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