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    If your an NFL free agent interested in signing with the Houston Texans but once kneeled during the National Anthem, you might want to check them off the list.

    According to the Houston Chronicle week the team is reportedly disinterssted in signing any players who displayed a form of protest during the anthem protests that have swept the league over the past two seasons.

    The report comes not too long after Texans’ owner, Bob McNair referred to players kneeling during the anthem as “inmates [running the prison]”.

    McNair later apologized and said he was not intending to call the players kneeling inmates.

    The Cronicle also noted that “there are many who believe if McNair could field a team with all-white, all-conforming all-pro talent, he would.”

    Viewers reacted:

    Tim Ryan Itd be cool to see his talent respond to this. In unrelated news, Texans go 5-11 2018.

    Suelynne Mickey Good. Hope we can get some for our team. Thanks.

    Joshua Svetz So lets penalize people for exercising the first amendment. This is discrimination.

    Nnamdi Obiako I swear America wants to be great but can't get out of its own racist way to do it.

    Ana Vigil Munoz If this is how you select your players, good luck on having a winning season.

    Jerry Poluka Good! They can protest outside of work, like at their homes or their mistresses house.

    Eric Anderson How many free agents just took a knee to avoid the Texans like the plague?

    Manuel Granados Vargas If it's within their rights go for it. 
    A stupid move, because there's talented dudes there.

    Marylinda Fox I will not buy a single Houston product and will boycott their sponsors

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