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    Being the backup to Alex Smith last season, Patrick Mahomes never garnered much attention from casual NFL fans. However, having led the league in touchdowns through four weeks and making countless ​highlight reel plays, Mahomes is becoming a household name. Unfortunately for Mahomes, as his reputation grows so too does his chance of becoming a meme. With his interviews attaining much more attention this year with his success, many fans have noticed his voice resembles a certain green puppet we all know and love.

    ​​One instagram user took it upon himself to overlay a video of Kermit the Frog doing a post-game press conference with Mahomes’s voice and the result is the masterpiece above.

    With not only the fans, but his own coach making light of the young QB’s voice, Mahomes has gone viral as his playing ability has drawn attention to his strange voice. It’s doubtful he cares though, as becoming a meme is a small price to pay in exchange for being the ​frontrunner for league MVP.

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