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    It was the 99th day of school for students in Houston, Texas this week, and in a tradition put on by the school, children and teachers are allowed to wear jeans and J.J. Watt #99 jerseys if they have one.

    Not having one, a kid named Brock decided to make his own makeshift Watt jersey out of a T-shirt, paper and bobby pins. Brock’s teacher posted a photo with him and another student to her Twitter account.

    Watt saw the photo and reached out asking for the address of “my man in the middle.”

    After being given it, Watt made his way to his school and gifted Brock not one, but multiple jerseys for him to wear not just on the next 99th day of school, but whenever he wanted.

    As if we needed any further proof J.J. Watt is an exemplary human being.

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