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    When you have the honor of coming into the NFL under the tutelage of Nathan Peterman, this is what you get.

    The Browns top draft pick Nathan Allen was on display Thursday night against the Panthers in his first preseason action, and well, did…whatever this was.

    Viewer reactions:

    Jonathan Williams He got rid of the ball…just an incomplete pass. Not bad considering the total breakdown of the O line. Nothing to see here.

    Alex Coyne Love that people have opinions on stats for preseason games, wether you go 10-10 200 yards and 2 touchdowns or 0-10 and 20 yards and 2 interceptions either way does not mean much

    Michael Corey Elkins Well it looks like he’s running for his life and nobody picked up the outside blitz or hot check down

    Evan Leigh Looks like a rookie qb in his first ever preseason game. No one was expecting Elway or Montana to show up tonight.

    Mike Musilli Dumbest meme ever do use actually watch football or play with eachother

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