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    Kirk Cousins is the most talked about NFL free agent in recent memory, and the drama keeps building.

    It was reported Monday morning that there are two teams willing to offer the former Redskins QB the three-year, fully guaranteed contract he was looking for, and the secret may be out on which teams those two are, and it came from Cousins himself.

    The quarterback uploaded a farewell post to his personal blog later the same day, thanking the Redskins and all of the Washington faithful, and somebody noticed that in doing so, tagged the words ‘Vikings’ and ‘Jets’ at the bottom.

    Is Kirk Cousins telling us he’s down to two teams?#Vikings #Jets

    — Unsportsmanlike Content™ (@UCSportsMedia) March 12, 2018

    He soon after deleted the two tags, leading many to believe it was accidentally done.

    Trent Andersen Good! As a Broncos fan I'd much rather not have them overpay for a mid-tier QB looking to get paid as the top QB in the league only to bail to the next highest bidder in 3 years!

    Jacob Poulter After Brady retires, Bill is gonna find a quarterback that works the Boston Market drive thru and New England will still own that division

    Jared Fry As a Denver fan, I hope he goes to Vikings, where he would be the 3rd best QB in thr division and like the 10th best in the conference. In the AFC he would have to go against an old Brady and Big Ben, Watson and injured Luck

    Paul Cutchins Vikings fan here.. I'm not naysaying or anything. but I just don't fully grasp the logic of ditching at least one playoff QB, and probably all three to go after a guy who really seems about the same as all three of them… but will make a lot more $$$..maybe it'll pan out great and we'll have our first franchise-status QB in years! Maybe not.. I guess time will tell.

    Eric Hanbury So overrated. Dude is good but QBs like him get way to much hype in free agency. If he was really worth it he would have success in the playoffs. It's not like he had a bad roster on the Redskins.

    Manuel Granados Vargas I really do hope Kirk lights it up in whatever new team he goes to just to be able to laugh at the Redkins, which is always fun.
    But either way I don't particularly care cause my Ravens are in the AFC and not going to a SB against the Vikes any time soon.

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