Lamar Jackson Makes Packers Defender Look Silly With Sick Juke Move

It didn’t count, but this touchdown run by Lamar Jackson looked so sweet.

During Thursday’s Packers-Ravens preseason game, Lamar Jackson showed off his wheels by juking a Packers defender so bad, he literally took a knee.

So much has been been of Jackson’s throwing ability but plays like this is what makes the former Heisman trophy winner so special.

Viewer reaction:

Matt Raver Well as a running back playing quarterback he better be able to make people miss. So sad we have another Vick on our hands

Eric Miller I liked him in college and hoped he would develop into a good pro, but would love to see a passing highlight from him every now and then.

Turby Thomas And that is why I love our Jackson will not last long in the NFL, he going to get her sooner or later, all running quarterbacks always end up hurt and then their careers don't last very long

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