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    We’re all paying attention now, right? After this weekend, nobody on the planet can blame Le’Veon Bell for continuing his holdout. He’s costing himself a lot of money by sitting out during the regular season, and is being depicted as a bad teammate. He does have himself to worry about, of course.

    Otherwise, he could end up in a similar situation as Earl Thomas.

    After the Seahawks safety broke his leg, Bell said he would continue to be “the bad guy” for all the players who are looking to secure their future deal.

    Who cares if he’s viewed as the bad guy now? There’s no arguing this point one way or another after Thomas’ devastating injury.

    Bell would much rather be viewed as a villain by his teammates and fans rather than turning into a cautionary tale like ET has. The last remnant of the Legion of Boom took a hit for players everywhere, as those who are looking for a huge payday will surely cite that terrible moment when they hold out in the future.

    Bell won’t even be the first to do so; do you think Khalil Mack feels like he made a mistake when he gave the Raiders the could shoulder and wanted out?

    Thomas is still getting paid his full guaranteed salary this season despite breaking his leg, but the entire point of holding out was about future checks, not the current ones.

    Bell should raise the stakes when he actually returns– whether or not he​ listens to former teammate James Harrison.

    After watching Thomas get carted off the field Sunday, faking an injury can’t possibly be worse than suffering a real and serious one.

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