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    After giving myself a geography lesson, I learned that Willson grew up 30 minutes from Detroit, in Canada. So a homecoming

    The Lions are signing former Seahawks TE Luke Willson to a 1-year deal worth $2.5M, source said, with some upside potential in his deal.

    Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch restructured his contract Saturday before his $1M roster bonus was due. Base value in 2018 is now $5.5M — $500K less than before — but he’s practically guaranteed $4.5M of that (instead of $0) … and can earn up to $9.25M total with incentives.

    Viewers reacted:

    Kelly  Well there you go my naysaying Lions fans… Save 6 million dollars…now, if they just sign a veteran DT, the rest of you can stop bitching too.

    Hery Why i google luke wilson and im like oh shit hes 46 but that was luke wilson the actor lol THIS was the guy I wouldnt have minded the Falcons getting. Decent blocking, above average catching. Would be adequate for the now & wouldve allowed Hooper to develop more.

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