Morgan Burnett is expected to join the Steelers

Source tells me Packers FA Safety Morgan Burnett is headed to the Steelers Flying out tomorrow morning to complete the deal

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Kelly Well, we now need to find a starting SS for 16 games instead of the 7 that he usually misses per year due to injury.

I thought he was pretty terrible but better/clearer scheme should give him a chance to display the athleticism we drafted him for.

Jones is a great tackling box safety,  no ones denying that, but I'm fairly confident he can't cover even the slowest of tight ends right now,  needs to work on it.  Will be a long season for green bays secondary

I like Burnett. Jones may be the upgrade in the future but he got a lot he can learn from the vet

David Todd
 A very notable characteristic of both Bostic & Burnett is their intelligence & ability to call defensive signals & communicate. Has been an on-going problem for #Steelers defense.

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