NBA Memes 2018 – Best Memes Ever

NBA Memes 2018

Dirk is a real one

Not sure if Kyrie Irving or Acie Law.

Close enough?

How Zaza goes after opponents!

KD after the game against the Thunder!

When it's not just your defense that stinks

Viewers reacted to NBA Memes 2018:

Will Baumgarten Dudes a leader, loves the game of basketball and has the heart of a champion, he’s been a underdog his whole life, any team is lucky to have him in the locker room. Much love to IT. love  NBA Memes 2018

Libra Jackson LOL..he’s a defense liability. He can’t score points, he gets blocked all the time, his farts stink glad my cavs got rid of him

Solo De┼Źn Look at the 2 scrub bench riders being immature instead of being serious about the sport they get paid millions to perform great at.

Russ Maxwell He's gotta stop eating those chimichangas before the game

Abid Raj People out here talking about how Kyrie is an Ankle Breaking God, we found the real God now.

Gualbert Crews yes Za Za is dirty , but Nick young brought him down and he took advantage ..Russell wants to be top guy but does not want the target on his back..

Kingston Hossa You can tell the people that act like sissies when they get fouled when they defend Westbrook the drama queen over this issue…

Joseph Anthony I mean ya they're a good team without him. Just like the spurs are good without kawhi. Just don't say they're better without him

Paul Gainer Wall's defense has always been an issue. He routinely allows guards to blow by him, which forces the defense to collapse, which in turn sets up easy dish baskets or kick out 3s. Wall is definitely overrated in my opinion. That being said he's still an amazing player but he's never been able to develop a consistent shot either. He's also the least clutch superstar of all time.

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