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    A.J. Green catches 3 TDs.
    Andy Dalton throws 4 TDs.

    And the Cincinnati Bengals improve to 2-0

    Viewer reactions:

    Raymond Kwan Chi when was the last time andy wasn’t sacked, didn’t throw any picks, and threw 4 touchdowns in a game… Good win guys. we need to finish stronger but regardless 2-0!

    Brad Conn Love the aggressive defensive rushes. Reminds me of Zimmer. Love the offensive line play. Love the more aggressive play calling on both offense and defense. This talented team can make it. Stay healthy

    Craig Waite Same score 2 weeks in a row I love it. Combined score has been 57 in 3 of their games this year. Dalton shined with 4 TDs in a primetime game. Hhmmm what else? Oh yeah…WHO DEY!

    Margaret A Kiernan-Walker WHO DEY!!!! A friend of mine who’s a Ravens fan isn’t going to be happy now. He messaged me yesterday talking his team was going to win…. haha WHO DEY

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