Bears vs. Packers Week 1 Highlights – NFL 2018

Khalil Mack & the Chicago Bears jumped out to a 20-0 lead, but an injured Aaron Rodgers returned to lead an incredible second-half comeback for the Green Bay Packers!

Viewer reactions:

Omar Velazquez Aaron Rogers is better than Tom Brady. The patriots can succeed and win without Brady. The packers will go 4-12 if Rogers goes down. Rogers is the goat

Larry Pierce If you think the packers are going to win 10 games this year with that AWEFUL defense you are truly delusional. The Bears were one of their easy games. Check out the middle of their schedule… B R U T A L.

Jason Allard Obviously bears d didnt hurt rogers enough !! great start for mack turbosky still needs to make better decisions gutted that they lost. overall happy with how they played and a great game to start the season going to have a nightmare about rogers tonight lol

Jesus Juarez The defense was just atrocious. Yeah they got it together in the 4qt but no way are we going far if this is what we show up with. Terrible tackling and blown coverage.

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