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    Just one slate of games into the 2018 NFL Preseason and the NFL already has a potential scandal on their hands.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Eagles 31-14 Thursday night during their preseason matchup, but may have done so intentionally using deflated footballs.

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    UPDATE: Tom Brady has been suspended for the first 5 games of the regular season by Roger Goodell and the NFL as punishment for the Steelers wrong-doing despite having no obvious connection.

    The league did tighten their game-ball procedures following the Deflategate debacle involving the Patriots in 2015.

    Viewer reactions:

    Saben Schmett Not New England? Then no one will care (See asinine comments below trying to explain why this situation is different

    Eddie Starkey It’s preseason, we are really talking about this?

    Victor Carneiro It’s not the first time. It happened against the Giants in 2016, but nobody cared as well

    Ronny Dickey They must have hired the Patriots equipment guy after they fired him

    Aaron Utley The Steelers could use brass knuckles and handguns in a preseason game and I wouldn't care…

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