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    I don’t see anything wrong with the ratings except the eagles. They can never beat Dallas so how you figure they better  by far we have the most talented team and that’s clearly how they came up with the ratings. Have the most potential just gotta put it all together. Dak, Zeke , coop, Cobb, witten, that defense. Lets go baby

    madden 20 Memes 



    GB easy how do they have a high overall after 6-8-1 and have better overall then some playoff teams. Madden just a biased creaters game

     Packers easily. A 87 for what their record was and then all the over paying and over drafting they did. Cmon man

    Every single year, they always say that the Dolphins will be the worst team in the league, when will they ever learn that the Dolphins always finish middle of the pack lol

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