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    NFL Memes 2018 week 13

    That's odd. Romo is usually really great at picks.

    I hear the chiefs just released a hell of a kicker

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     I’m just glad that only 3 teams stand in the way of the cowboys NFC playoffs road. The Saints, Bears, & Rams…of which all look pretty “defeatable”.


    I think Kareem Hunt kicked one of the two first down markers

    Coming from a page who knows a thing or two about being drunk by the 4:05 ET games, that’s a big deal.

    Just here giving credit where credit is due since NFL Memes won't.

    One of this day's their going to kick a girl that kicks back harder like my daughters.

    Samuel Aranda your an embarrassment to your daughters I'm sure and have to live through their "success".. police officer and black belt.. there should be no belts this post had nothing to do with your kid stop showing off.

    Now the pack wins out, everyone else takes an L, they make the playoffs on a miracle and then run through the playoffs for a super bowl victory and Rogers is proclaimed the unanimous GOAT

    I got the feeling that he was gone either way but what did it accomplish to fire him with 4 games left? The Bears are set to win the division and the Packers would probably need help to make the playoffs so the season is pretty much a lost cause at this point. I think that the McCarthy era had run its course but I do think that he had earned the right to at least finish out the season before being let go.

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