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    That’s not saying much you just beat a team that was 3-13 last season and on track to repeat that feat this year or possibly finish worse …yeah Dallas you really accomplished something you proven you can be a losing franshinse do that to say the chiefs or rams or jags or any other team with a winning record and dual threat offense then I’ll be impressed not a fan just impressed come on Dallas wow me

    Giants tried signing Spike. They sent OBJ to recruit him. But Spike dont play with girls

    Throw the whole team away ! And I’m a giants fanThrow the whole team away ! And I’m a giants fan

    As soon as I saw this while watching the game, I knew the meme generator was going to have a field day

    Ereck Flowers couldn’t block someone in Facebook if he tried

    Giants o-line, Welcome to your tape …

    Thought that face looked familiar.


    Don’t let this distract you from the favt Ryan Fitzmagic is leading the league in passing yards

    Connor McGregor is doing better in the NFL than boxing

    Someone’s dad has some serious explaining to do


    Vikins unveil new goalposts after tie with Packers:

    If I could have one wish, it would be to see Cleveland win the Super Bowl. I’m no a Browns fan, I just wanna live forever.

    Browns fans…

    Patrick Mahomes fantasy owners clinch playoff berth

    Patrick Mahomes be like… ‬

    Minnesota is also looking for a new kicker

    In all fairness… the kicker solely lost them that game

    And he misses the door wide left

    After recent events with the browns kicker. Cleveland signs Brucie to a one year deal

    Viewer reactions:

    Joshua Shaup And this is without Randy Gregory and David Irving…Cowboys defense is gonna keep lighting QB’s up all season.

    Ali Aslam Eli: we need offensive line. Otherwise, same thing will happen as last year.
    Giants Gm: Yeah we getting a running back.

    Jerry McCloy Eli needs to retire…doesnt have it anymore…Giants made the Cowboys look like a good team, even though they are not…

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